Columbia Research Labs., USA's The Columbia product line of piezoelectric accelerometers is widely known for reliable performance, quality and ruggedness and is always expanding to meet the unique challenging and ever changing requirements of our customers.

The selection of specifications, sizes and configurations is large and diverse and suitable for use on many applications requiring features such as, high performance, high accuracy, high temperature, seismic event, 4-20mA output, airborne, miniature size and general purpose use.



General Purpose

This group of accelerometers is made up of the 3000 and 5000 Series.

The 3000 Series are standard size units, including many with all welded construction, that are hermetically sealed for use in dirty and humid environments.

The 5000 Series are smaller and lighter in weight than standard units. Characteristics are almost identical except that with miniature units higher natural frequencies and shock levels can be obtained due to their inherently reduced mass. Sensitivities, however are somewhat lower.

High Temperature models are available that operate to +500°F. For best performance use with the Columbia Model 4601 Charge Amplifier or Model 5810 Inline Charge Converter.

Special Application

This group of Piezoelectric Accelerometers have been specifically designed to meet Columbia Research Labs customers "special" needs. Whether it be model 876 designed for use in extremely cold temperatures (-400°F) or model 378-HT-1XP, designed with an extremely rugged housing for prolonged use in adverse industrial environments of shock, vibration, temperature, humidity and excessive oil, that can withstand temperatures of 700°F.



This group is made up of the 6000 and 7000 Series Accelerometers.

The 6000 Series offers detachable cables and connector assemblies, a special inverted seismic element for mechanical isolation and other features normally available only on standard size sensors.

The 7000 Series are true "shear-mode" design accelerometers which offer performance characteristics and accuracies normally only available with standard size accelerometers.

High temperature models of these series are available and will operate to +500°F. For best performance use with Columbia Model 4601 Charge Amplifier or Model 5810 Inline Charge Converter.


Columbia's Integrated Accelerometers are completely self-contained vibration measuring systems having a built-in amplifier within the housing. Low output impedance allows operation directly into standard readout equipment without auxiliary signal conditioning. This type of accelerometer must be powered by a constant current power supply like Columbia's model 5421.



Columbia Research Labs offer a wide variety of standard and custom mounting adaptors and cable assemblies for their Piezoelectric line of products.


Further information

Further information, datasheets, versions and images can be found on the manufacturer's website!