QFH-5180R C-Band Satellite Antenna

The C-Band Antenna QFH-5180R has been designed for use on board of small satellites. The iso-flux pattern has been optimized particularly for low earth orbit (LEO) missions.

The antenna operates in the C-Band (5,150 MHz to 5,216 MHz), which is allocated on a primary basis to Space-to-Earth feeder-links of non-geostationary satellite systems for mobile-satellite services.

The antenna design is compact, solid and very rugged.


  • Circularly polarized quadrifilar Antenna
  • Isoflux Characteristics
  • C-Band 5,150 to 5,216 MHz
  • up to 20 watts cw
  • Designed for LEO-satellite missions
  • Compact size and low weight
  • Made in Germany

Technical Specification

(Subject to change)

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range 5150 MHz...5216 MHz
Gain see diagram
Coverage Isoflux
Polarization Right circular (Left circular optional)
Power 43 dBm CW, max.
Impedance 50 ohms
VSWR better than 1,5 : 1
Connector SMA female

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature -60°C ... +120°C (extended range upon request)
Vibration 20 ... 2,000 Hz; 25g rms random, 3-axis
Shock 100g (100 Hz), 3,500g (>1000 Hz)

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions Length approx. 168 mm with pedestal (128 mm w/o pedestal) Reflector / Pedestal 85 x 85 mm Radome d = 64 mm
Mounting 4 holes each 4.5 mm
Weight ca. 450 gr.
Radome PEEK (beige) VESPEL (gold brown) optional
Reflector AW6082 with finish Alodine1200 or SURtec650


Datasheet QFH-5180R