News 2022

04. November 2022

The hyperspectral environmental satellite EnMAP transmits data sets of the highest quality

02. November 2022

Proba-2 allows us to better understand the Sun's behavior and space weather observations, thanks to innovativ technologies.

13. September 2022

The AIS receiver mounted onboard the ESAIL satellite receives more than two millionen messages from 70.000 ships in a single day

02. September 2022

First live firing with Meteor air-to-air guided missile from a Gripen E fighter.

26. June 2022

For the first time, a DLR sounding rocket with three instead of two rocket stages was successfully launched

18. June 2022

Successful launch of SARah-1 satellite

15. June 2022

15 years in Orbit – Happy Birthday!

15. June 2022

SARah-1 satellite is scheduled for launch at Vandenberg AFB on June 18, 2022 at 13:50 UTC omnboard Falcon 9.

23. April 2022

For 15 years AGILE provides important sicientifica data

14. April 2022

The EnMAP satellite was launched on April 01, 2022 and has successfully completed its LEOP (Launch and Early Orbit Phase).

News 2021

No news available.

News 2020

17. December 2020

ROKVISS/KONTUR ends after 16 years in operation.

02. September 2020

ESAIL successfully launched onboard VEGA VV16

News 2019

26. August 2019

First Brazilian Gripen E Completes its First Flight

22. March 2019

PRISMA satellite successfully launched onboard Vega VV-14

News 2018

03. December 2018

Eu:CROPIS satellite successfully launched into space with FALCON9.

22. May 2018

Two GRACE-FO satellites launched onboard Falcon 9

22. February 2018

SpaceX delivers PAZ satellite into its target orbit

13. February 2018

Progress MS-08 is on its way to the ISS

News 2017

20. November 2017

The satellite-based reconnaissance system SAR-Lupe celebrates its tenth anniversary

24. August 2017

FORMOSAT-5 successfully launched and contacted with ground station

News 2016

22. June 2016

BIROS fire detection satellite successfully launched into space

News 2015

No news available.