Bundeswehr starts partial operation of the first SARah satellite

After the SARah satellite has been successfully commissioned, it sends the first reconnaissance data.

The SARah radar satellite was successfully put into operation by the Bundeswehr and is sending the first reconnaissance data.

On June 18, 2022, the earth observation satellite “SARah-1” was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, USA, and all necessary performance tests have been successfully completed since reaching the target trajectory.

SARah is a new operational reconnaissance system consisting of several satellites and a ground segment, which was developed on behalf of the German Bundeswehr. The architecture of the overall SARah system consists of a space segment with three radar satellites (2 x OHB, 1 x Airbus) and a ground segment, which is connected to two ground stations.

With SARah it is now possible to reliably provide reconnaissance data regardless of weather and daylight.

STT has supplied the S-Band Communications Unit (TMTC) for the satellite and is proud to be involved in the success of this very important and innovative mission.

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