Proba-2 13 years in orbit

Proba-2 allows us to better understand the Sun's behavior and space weather observations, thanks to innovativ technologies.

On 2 November 2009, ESA's Proba-2 (Project for On Board Autonomy) satellite, together with the SMOS (Soil Mosture and Ocean Salinity Satellite) satelite, was launched from a Rokot from Plesetsk in northern Russia.

Proba-2 has been equipped with scientific instruments focused on solar and space weather observation. In this way, solar radiation and the plasma generated by the solar wind can be measured in the Earth's magnetosphere. Laser reflectors attached to the outside also make it possible to determine the exact position of our earth.

On 25 Ocotber 2022, Proba-2 was able to capture two partial solar eclipses:

The communication between Proba-2 and the ground stations is done with the onboard S-Band communication system (consisting of TMTC-Unit and Antennas) of STT-SystemTechnik GmbH.