Successful sounding rocket test flight

For the first time, a DLR sounding rocket with three instead of two rocket stages was successfully launched

On June 26, 2022, the three-stage sounding rocket experiment was launched from Andøya Space (Norway).

For the first time, a rocket with three stages instead of two was used to achieve faster flight speed. The third rocket stage flew a particularly flat trajectory at 9,000 km/h at an altitude of 38 km.

The STORT research project, in which the TU Munich is also involved (manufacture of the CFRP module), aims to develop selected technologies and methods with regard to thermo-mechanical analysis and evaluation of carrier systems.

During the flight, a modular and distributed data acquisition system enabled efficient recording of data from the different experiments. Both the heat development during re-entry into the earth's atmosphere and various high-temperature experiments were carried out at the high heat loads to be investigated.

The telemetry transmitter (series TS1000) from STT was used for the successfully telemetry data transmission from the rocket to the ground station.

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